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If you’re planning a family holiday, we completely understand that ALL the family will want to come - even the four-legged members! That’s why at Aria Resorts, we make sure that our canine guests have as special an experience during their stay as our human guests do.

All of our resorts welcome dogs and have specific pet-friendly accommodation - choose from an array of beautiful options including holiday cottages, lodges, apartments, beach houses, hotel suites and caravan holiday homes. After all, it doesn’t mean you should compromise on quality - we even have a stunning selection of dog-friendly holiday accommodation with hot tubs! Our onsite eateries also welcome well behaved dogs too, so you can enjoy a meal and a glass of something while your dog relaxes by your feet.



Heading to Yorkshire? The Bay Filey is home to some of the finest dog-friendly cottages on the North Yorkshire coast and the resort’s meadows and lakes make it a haven for pooches! As does Filey beach. Sit inside our onsite pub and choose from a tasty range of dishes for breakfast, lunch or dinner or soak up the warmer evenings with a drink outside, your four-legged friend will feel as at home as you do.



If you’re planning a trip south, both Retallack Resort & Spa and Newperran in Cornwall have a wide range of pet-friendly accommodation, from one bedroom lakeside suites to six bedroom luxury lodges at Retallack to and camping pitches (plus extensive grounds for burning off some steam!) and holiday caravan homes at Newperran. There’s plenty of countryside where dogs can run around and lots of coastline for stunning walks to wear them out. Make the most of the evening entertainment in the onsite eateries with your pooch chills out too. Or head back to your lodge and unwind on the decking and enjoy light, balmy evenings.



We also have a wide variety of dog-friendly cottages and caravans across our three resorts - The Lakes Rookley, The Bay Colwell and St Helens Coastal Resort - on the Isle of Wight. The island is renowned for its rolling countryside, vibrant landscape and outdoor lifestyle, which is perfect for our canine friends.


If you’re holidaying with your dog, here are some travelling tips from the PDSA to make the road trip just that little bit easier!

  • Start young. Pets who are used to travelling in the car from a young age are much more likely to be relaxed and happy during car trips. Build up to longer journeys, but make sure they usually end in something fun like getting a treat or a walk.
  • Give them time to digest. If your pet gets carsick it’s best not to feed them right before a trip in the car. Give them plenty of time to digest their meal or don’t feed them until after the car journey.
  • Take a break. If you’re taking your pet on a longer journey, make sure they have a chance to stretch their legs and have a drink.
  • Keep them cool. Cars can warm up really quickly and our pets are wearing a warm fur coat all the time! Be aware of your pet’s temperature and pop the air conditioning on or open a window a little to keep them cool while you’re on the go.
  • Don’t let dogs stick their head out the window. They could knock their head on something, fall out of the window or distract other drivers.


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