Isle of Wight

Dive into our watersports

At The Lakes Rookley

At The Lakes Rookley, we have something for all you 'get stuck in' holidayers! Having a lake in the middle of our resort only means one thing... watersports! A relaxing glide through the trees. Putting your balance to the test. Creating a big splash as you fall in! 

The Lakes Rookley is nestled in the heart of the Isle of Wight in a little nature hideaway. With the lake surrounded by trees, don't worry if you fall in, nobody will notice! We also have St Helens Coastal Resort and The Bay Colwell resorts on the island too, so if you want to stay a little closer to the beach but still want the watersports action, come and visit our hidden lake for the day!

Lakes Rookley kayaking


Buddy up or go solo

Float around on our kayaks and feel the water rippling beneath you. Race your family to the other end of the lake. Admire the wildlife that comes skating across the water to say hello. Hire a two-person kayak or go solo and show off your speed. We'll provide all safety gear and wetsuits for you. All you need to bring is a towel in case you decide to go for a refreshing dip (intentionally or not!). 

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Glide through the trees

Enjoy a blissful glide along the lake on a sunny morning. We've got the board, paddle, safety gear and wetsuits. It couldn't be any easier...until you get on the water! Try to steady those wobbly legs or you'll be overboard! Once you get the hang of it, you'll be roaming the water in no time. Put your family and friends to the test too with our giant SUPs for up to six people!

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Make the most of our watersports

Come and stay with us on the island and get stuck into the action. The hardest decision will be which of our three glorious resorts do you stay at? Take a peek at what we have available...

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