Have a love affair...

With old England along marbled cliffs and ancient lanes.

Visitors to Devon be warned: you might find it very difficult to leave again! Being beside the seaside never felt so good: whether you’re watching the mist uncurl to reveal the sparkling waters beneath, mastering the waves on a sailing boat, or savouring the salt flavour of an oyster. Gather treasure in the boutiques of Salcombe and then take a lazy stroll to the water’s edge so the dog can have a splash. Enjoy the fizz of freshwater against your skin on a wild swim, then warm your cockles in front of the fire in a country pub. There’s a reason Devonshire cream teas are an old favourite, and you can rediscover it every day of your trip if you like (you are on holiday after all). Come eat, drink and dream away with us on a trip that’s good for the soul.


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