Fishing Lakes

Rookley Fishery boasts two mature lakes within beautiful parkland, which offer a varied selection of coarse fish species for anglers of all abilities to pit their wits against. Our expert resident angler, Tim, will guide you to the best spots and his shop, 'Tim's Tackle', by the central complex, provides everything you need for a fun fishing trip.


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The Small Lake is perfect for youngsters and beginners with a wide range of fish including Roach, Perch, Tench and Carp. Many carp are growing to between 8lb and 15lb with some over 20lb.


The large Lake is around 2 acres in size and contains mainly Carp. The Carp total around 130 double figure fish with over 100 20lb plus fish and around 20 over 30lb, all with good growth rates. The lake record is presently at over 40lb. This lake would be classed moderate to difficult, but hit it right and you could catch a biggun!!

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