Environmental Policy at Retallack Resort

In a drive to establish best practice in the development and management of eco-tourism matters, Retallack Resort & Spa embraces as policy the guidelines set out by the Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS).

The GTBS is an environmental accreditation scheme for tourism related businesses, launched in the late 1990s by Visit Scotland. The scheme encourages tourism businesses to improve their environmental performance by developing and implementing cost efficient ways of conserving energy, recycling waste and where appropriate, encouraging the wildlife, flora and fauna within our grounds. We commit to comply to all environmental legislation and to continually improve the sustainability of the business and minimalize pollution and our impact on the environment in general.


The Green Tourism Award

In 2008, Retallack Resort & Spa joined GTBS to ensure all was being done in their commitment to the environment, social responsibility and sustainable tourism. Retallack Resort & Spa’s performance was first evaluated in 2008 and having evaluated advice and recommendations from GTBS in 2012 furthered by a ‘don’t sit on your laurels attitude’ Retallack Resort continues to strive to further improve the performance of the business and this having implemented many additional ecological strategies, Retallack Resort is currently Gold Award standard – the highest award achievable.



The following are examples of some of our current practices adopted:



  • Radiator thermostats are installed in all houses, public areas and offices so that individual room temperatures can be separately controlled
  • All property boilers are A rated and are maintained yearly
  • All accommodation benefits from modern wall insulation and being double glazed with ‘K’ glass and argon gas filled thus improving heat retention
  • Energy saving lamps have replaced traditional lamps in most locations throughout the resort
  • All new facilities added to Resort are fitted with low energy lighting or PIR sensors
  • Dimmer switches are fitted in most accommodation and where not possible GU10 energy efficient bulbs are used
  • Curtains throughout the resorts accommodation are interlined to provide greater insulation
  • Creation of multiple facilities onsite obviates the need for guests to travel offsite to seek entertainment (ie kids club, restaurant, FlowRider)
  • Sensor taps and showers are installed in all new changing rooms
  • Thermostats are set to ‘frost’ stat when houses are unoccupied
  • PIR sensors have been installed in all new changing rooms
  • External lighting is fitted with timers or motion sensors
  • Housekeeping and other staff are trained to switch off appliances when not in use
  • Guests are given details of local transport networks including railway


Water & Chemicals

  • Flow regulators have been fitted to taps throughout the building, wherever practicable
  • Low-flow replacement showers are used to reduce of water usage
  • Smaller dual-flush cisterns are installed so as to reduce water usage
  • The resort changes towels weekly unless otherwise requested
  • Central washing machines are only used for full loads, and are run at reduced temperatures whenever practical
  • Dosage systems control the dilution and usage of chemicals in central washing machines
  • Dosing systems for housekeeping cleaning products reduces waste and chemical usage and obviates the need to throw away plastic bottles
  • Ecologically friendly detergent and washing up liquid provided for guests in all properties
  • Waterless urinals have been fitted to new changing rooms
  • Water treatment plant meets discharge standards, addition of biological treatment works across site watercourse (Reedbeds and Swan mussels)


Waste & Recycling

  • Recycling centre for clean waste paper, plastic & glass has been established for guests, health club and restaurant
  • Recycle bar glass bottles and broken bottles – using glass recycling bins
  • Recycle all waste paper – providing recycling boxes in all departments/offices
  • Recycle jiffy bags / boxes for future posting
  • Recycling bins in all properties allow guests to recycle during their stay
  • Returnable packaging for suppliers are chosen wherever possible eg milk crates/ bread trays/gas bottles/beer barrels
  • Composting area introduced at recycling centre for restaurant & guest green waste
  • Operating the ‘Think before you print’ campaign on all emails
  • Promote double sided printing for staff where possible



Retallack Resort & Spa are committed to providing a wide range of wildlife habitats throughout the Resort and promoting environmental education. Retallack Resort have carried out the following measures to promote flora and fauna:

  • Two substantial wild flower areas created – fantastic environments for insects birds and small mammals,as well as being visually pleasing
  • Native flora used where possible
  • Continue to plant native trees and monitor business impact on the natural surrounding habitat
  • Increasing feeding stations for wild birds and providing them with essential cover
  • Increasing the amount of bird and mammal boxes on resort – including the installation of a barn owl box and protection of rough margins for hunting habitat
  • We aim to introduce a scheme for children to plant seeds
  • The resort has an on site nature trail for guests to enjoy and interact with nature; along with a nature treasure hunt for children
  • Local schools are invited to participate in nature walks
  • Sedum roofing on our 1 bedroom surf suite complex



  • Wherever possible, Retallack Resort seeks to purchase from local suppliers, therefore reducing the impact on the environment associated with the transportation of goods. This policy runs through from the restaurant to our developments who source local materials (such as Cornish Stone from a local quarry)
  • New suppliers will be screened for their CSR
  • When the option exists, we aim to select suppliers who can demonstrate that they have sound environmental policies in place in the running of their businesses, e.g Eden Project and Bio-travel
  • Stationery and marketing materials – paper from 100% post consumer waste is to be preferred moving forward
  • Where possible we only purchase locally produced foodstuffs, with welcome hampers stocked only with local produce
  • Local produce and fair trade is takes priority with local craft products being sold in summer months in surf store
  • Vegetarian and vegan food options are available to guests in the restaurant
  • Retallack Resort prefers paper products that are produced from 100% recycled material or from wood sourced from sustainable forestry (FSC certified)
  • We endeavour to ensure that detergents used in the hotel are phosphate and chlorine free
  • Equipment purchasing practice includes the identification of low energy appliances when replacing existing equipment
  • We “bulk buy” wherever practicable, thereby reducing the amount of packaging for recycling



  • Public Transport and access statement
  • Bike hire information available
  • Car free activities
  • Walks and cycling
  • Electric Golf Buggies
  • Future plan of Plant a Tree to off set C02 emissions



Green Team

A “Green Team” has been established comprising nominated members of staff from various departments. Through the efforts and initiatives of the team, staff awareness of the Resorts ‘Green Policy’ and wider environmental issues is promoted. Team members are expected to lead by example, and encourage sound environmental practice in their own and other departments.

The team is looking into ways in which energy use and waste creation in the Resorts individual departments can be measured, with a view to introducing specific targets for reduction. Staff members are encouraged to walk, cycle or use public transport to commute to and from work, whenever possible. Electric golf buggies have been introduced since 2011 for staff and guests where walking or cycling is not possible. In 2013 we welcomed our estate manager and Ecological consultant, Chris Day to the team, who assists the resort in meeting its environmental obligations and advises the company directors on environmental matters.


Social & Community

As a large business Retallack Resort have compiled a CSR report.
As part of our community programme our spa, health club and FlowRider are all open to locals so that staff can be employed year round.
Retallack Resort operates a 100% non-smoking policy for all houses
The spa uses aromatherapy products offering holistic treatments including Indian head massage, well being with holistic activities eg yoga classes are offered along side the facilities of the steam room for relaxation and contemplation.
We seek to assist and support local causes wherever possible. For instance:<br/ >
We have hosted the first disabled Flowriding competition on site.<br/ >
The hotel seeks other ways of supporting local projects concerned with environmental issues, and when suitable opportunities arise, staff will be encouraged to participate in such projects.


The ‘Green Folder’

This folder includes information relating to public transport and other environment matters which may be interesting and helpful to visitors to the Resort. Please ask for the folder at Reception. If there is any additional information which you think could be included in the ‘Green Folder’ please let us know.



We would welcome guests’ comments on their experience of the Resorts environmental efforts, and any suggestions as to what we might do to enhance them will be considered. Plans and Ideas for the future:

Battery recycling
Code 6 New Building control levels 5 years in advance


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