Three reasons to take a short break on the Isle of Wight

It’s an age-old phrase: ‘give me three good reasons’. When you need to decide if something is worth your while, having three good reasons helps you to make a simple choice. So, here are your reasons to take a short break on the Isle of Wight!

Reason 1 – Ease of travel

Although the Isle of Wight lies about five miles off the south coast, separated by the waters of the Solent, it's easily accessible. Every hour ferries and a hovercraft transport passengers, travelling from Portsmouth, Gosport and Southampton to the Isle of Wight in a matter of minutes. For those lucky enough to have their own boat, the journey can be even shorter.

Passengers can travel either with their car or on foot. Bringing your car increases the convenience as you can stick all your luggage into the boot and head off. Unlike travelling on holiday by flight there are no baggage restrictions, allowing you to bring as many of your home comforts as you like.

However, if you do want to fly in (and you have your own plane) you can do – there are airfields at the Isle of Wight and Bembridge airports.

Once on the island a comprehensive bus and rail system gives easy travel between the main towns of Cowes, Sandown, Newport, Shanklin and Ventnor, as well as to the smaller towns along the coasts such as the fishing ports along the eastern side of the island. Driving is also easy – all addresses use the mainland Portsmouth ‘PO’ postcode so your sat-nav can be easily programmed and direct you around.

Reason 2 – Lots to do in a small space

The Isle of Wight is pretty small, at around 25 miles by 13 miles in size, but it packs quite a punch, fitting a lot into such a compact space.

You’ll find that many of the best attractions are close to each other so you won’t be spending your days travelling from place to place – instead you can fit in multiple activities in just one day.

The island also has a huge selection of different places to eat, leaving you spoilt for choice – particularly if you are only visiting for a short break. The array of freshly-caught fish means you're in for a seafood treat, with amazing dishes served in many of the restaurants. Visit the farmers' markets to taste some locally-made produce and take some things home with you. If it's a sunny day, check out Minghella's ice cream. It's a great way to cool down and the family business has been making luxury ice cream for over 60 years. Countless cafes and tearooms can also be found tucked away in little side roads and are a perfect way to waste an afternoon.

Reason 3 – The weather!

It’s rare that reasons to take a UK short break include the weather, such is the unpredictable nature of our climate. However, the Isle of Wight might just be the exception.

As the most southerly point of the British Isles, the island has a milder sub-climate than any other area in the UK. This, more than any other factor, makes it one of the most popular holiday destinations in Britain. Between the months of May and October, the average temperature is between 13 to 17 degrees with an average rainfall of between 50mm to 70mm.

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