discover our top 6 autumnal sunset spots

As we say hello to autumn we welcome the return of stunning glowy sunsets that will light up our evening sky with orange and purple colours to match the beautiful season.

After a day of fun holiday adventures with the family, the best way to round it off is waving goodbye to the sun as it glows the sky. Whether you perch on the beach, stop as you're strolling through a field, or stand on the clifftop to get more of a birds eye view. It's a sight you'll never get bored of. 

Sunsets are one of our favourite things, so we wanted to let you into a little secret and share with you our top six best sunset spots in Cornwall, Dorset, Scotland, and the Isle of Wight to admire the sky...

Little Fistral

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The first thing that’ll catch your eye is the rugged coastline. With the waves crashing against the rocks, you’ll feel like you’re in a wonderland… until the sun starts to set, then you know you’re in paradise! The orange sun looks like it's sinking into the sea. We would recommend getting your swimming trunks and going for a little dip to get the full experience.

15 minute drive from Newquay Bay Resort, Cornwall

Kynance Cove

Photo by @sixyeargapyear

Roadtrip down to Kynance Cove in south Cornwall for a location that’ll take your breath away. At high tide, the blue water surrounds the tall rock landforms which makes a stunning silhouette creating a picture perfect moment (which is exactly what we have above!). Stand on the clifftops to get a panoramic view, or if the tide is low, sit on the sand with a drink to finish the day.

Just over an hour drive from Newperran Holiday Resort, Cornwall


Photo by @_stephbythesea_

Not far from Retallack Resort & Spa, Porthtowan has a sunset you’ll want your cameras at the ready for. The west facing beach gives you the best view for a sky full of colours as the sun slowly disappears behind the waves. And to make it even better, in autumn (or after 7pm in the summer) the beach allows your pooch to run free and enjoy the scenery too.

35 minute drive from Retallack Resort & Spa, Cornwall


Photo by @solway_girl

With an idyllic river running through, the town of Annan is one for the sunset tick list. But where is the best view for the sunset? A large salt marsh is at the mouth of the channel where there is a haven for wildlife. You can perch on the grass while the birds fly above your head and watch as the sky lights up an orange hue… it’s quite something!

30 minute drive from Moffat Manor, Scotland

Hengistbury Head

Photo by @beachlovingmummy

Sand, trees, a nature reserve and plenty of beach huts, you’ve got the whole package in Dorset. Hop on the Sandbanks ferry and spend the day with the little ones diving into the watersports in the harbour at Hengistbury Head. Relax with a drink on the beach before heading up to the headland to get the best seat in the house for the glowing sunset. Sit back, admire the view and watch as the sun slowly disappears behind the coastal town of Christchurch. Ahh... bliss!

Just over an hour drive from Swanage Bay View, Dorset

Compton Bay

Photo by @cabbagesandtiaras

Choose between standing on the clifftop or making your way onto the sand where the little ones can run to their heart's content, whichever you decide, the view won’t let you down. Not far from The Needles, stare out into the open water as the sun sets behind you and the sky lights up from orange to purple before the dark blue night sky sweeps over. 

10 minute drive from The Bay Colwell, Isle of Wight