Moffat Manor accommodation

As part of our move to the Away Resorts family, our accommodation will be having a little name change. The accommodation you've chosen is the same, but the name will be different. To find out where you'll be putting your feet up and making memories is called, simply find the name of your accommodation on the left-hand side of the table under 'Aria Resorts Name' and the right-hand side under 'Away Resorts Name' will tell you what it's changing to.

Aria Resorts Name Away Resorts Name
Comfort Caravan 2 4 Berth Comfort Caravan
Comfort Caravan 3 6 Berth Comfort Caravan 3 Bed
Superior Caravan 2 4 Berth Superior Caravan
Superior Caravan 3 6 Berth Superior Caravan 3 Bed

A little key...

4 berth = sleeps 4 in 2 bedrooms

6 berth = sleeps 6 in 3 bedrooms