If you're heading to the Isle of Wight for your holiday, you'll find that you're spoilt for choice when it comes to having things to do. As the island is relatively small, you can find that travelling by bike is the best option. You'll get the chance to really explore and see all the sites, rather than being confined to a car or bus. Plus the fact, you'll be getting some exercise as well, which is never a bad thing...

Explore the possibilities

Full circle

If you are an avid cyclist, there is a route that will take you all the way around the island. Bear in mind that it is a long distance, so shouldn't be taken on unless you are a very experienced cyclist. However, if you are up for the challenge, grab a map and a picnic and make a day of it.

Wherever you're staying on the island, you'll find cycling routes and signs directing you along the way. Don't worry about trying to find an ideal base camp - anywhere on the island will be suitable if you're planning to get on your bike.

Nice & easy

If you want something a bit more easy-going and just fancy a general bike ride, there are a whole variety of routes across the island. For gentle rides, you may want to go for a nice cycle along some of the country lanes. The roads from Shanklin to Sandown will offer you some pretty views along the south east coast of the island. This route is only a mile or two long, so you won't be shattered by the time you get there and you can still enjoy the rest of the day. When you reach Sandown, you'll also find the Isle Of Wight Zoo, which is well worth a visit. If you're taking the family with you, it's an ideal pit stop as you can all look at the animals together and stop off at any one of the pubs or restaurants along the coast for a bit of lunch on the way.

Go hard or go home

If you really want to push yourself to the limit, challenge yourself to cycle up the hill in Ventnor. This steep hillside will test your endurance levels and only the fittest will make it to the top. You'll also find a number of different events are held throughout the year that are designed to push you hard on your bike.

If cycling is your thing, be sure to take a look at the cycling festival. With events being held on the island all year round, you are likely to find something that takes your fancy. There is a mixture of hardcore and gentle rides, so even if you're going away as a group, you'll all be able to take part in something.

An island of possibilities

The beauty of the Isle of Wight is that there are trails all over the island. This means that wherever you're staying and whatever your holiday plans are, if you grab a bike, you won't be short of places in which to ride. A gentle bike ride through the countryside and down the little lanes is an ideal way to wile away an afternoon, or you can go mountain biking in the hills and the downs for a more challenging ride.

Whichever one of our holiday parks you're staying in, you'll have easy access to the roads and cycling routes. If you fancy exploring a different part of the island, heading there on your bike is probably one of the most useful methods of transport.

With such a varied catalogue of cycling routes, the Isle of Wight can offer fun for both the casual and the keen cyclist. If you'd like to keep the cycling to a bit more of a minimum, you can always hire a bike when you get there and travel by car. 

Visiting attractions

Don't forget that the Isle of Wight has several tourist attractions found in all parts of the island, so you can either go for a proper cycling break away or just hire a bike for a little day trip instead. Our holiday parks themselves have a huge range of different activities on offer, so if you want to just stay put, you won't be short of things to do.

There are eateries and swimming pools if you fancy relaxing, but there is a range of entertainment and even fishing lakes if you'd like to try doing something a bit different. Cycling on the Isle of Wight is just one of the many activities you can do so book your break today and find out for yourself.

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