Cottages with a fireplace

Pack the fluffy slippers and some extra PJs, you’ll be spending lots of time in them on a cosy break with Aria.

We’ve got the log fire and the squashy armchair covered, so all you need to do is book into one of our cottages, lodges or hotel rooms, curl up and relax.

Embrace winter on an escape at an Aria resort. You’ll find our fireside retreats nestling in scenic corners close to the coastlines of Cornwall, Devon, and Yorkshire.

Our places to stay are like a warm hug after a winter walk: it’s worth braving the rain just so you can stretch out on the sofa, spread a blanket over your legs and let the fire thaw the chill out of your tootsies. We’re a teeny bit fussy about our interiors and spend a lot of time making them look and feel so good you’ll be adding ideas to your decor wishlist.